Location: Accra, Ghana

Date: Jan 01 to May 07

Length: 01:00 am - 12:00 pm

It is arguably the Biggest, Most anticipated, Most patronised and Most significant Entertainment event on the Ghanaian Social calendar.
Organized in partnership with the Musicians the Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and under the auspices of and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards scheme, which is now in its 17th year, has grown into a Festival of Music and Entertainment that engages the entire country and beyond.
It is produced by leading event management firm Charterhouse, in collaboration with leading telecommunications network Vodafone under the following objectives:
•To honour and appreciate musicians and other music industry who have released work(s) that have generated the most public excitement within the calendar year of the scheme.
•Provide an international platform through which the Ghanaian music industry can be accessed.
•To reward veteran musicians who have blazed the trail in the music industry.
The VGMA Festival is largely a people’s choice awards scheme that seeks to foster the development of the Ghanaian music industry by rewarding and celebrating musicians who have excelled in the seven main music genres of Ghana; Gospel, Hip-life, Hip hop, Highlife, Afro Pop, Reggae and dancehall and Traditional.
Their music should have been released and received prominence during the year under review.
The Award Scheme has become the barometer by which Ghanaian musicians measure their success each year and undoubtedly serves as an inspiration and aspiration to the entire music industry.
The organisers of the VGMA aim to present an award scheme that is representative of the opinion of the General Public as well as Industry Professionals. To this end, a Selection Process has been structured, over the years, to take all these into account.
A blank list of categories are made available for download online at www.ghanamusicawards.com along with definitions. Hard copies of the list are also made available to industry practitioners in all ten (10) Regions of the country via Radio station DJs, public events Djs, etc.
For the first time in the history of the scheme, forms were also filled and submitted online at www.entry.ghanamusiciawards.com.
Entries were also received from the following:
•Published call for entries in the Press
•Nomination forms submitted by Record Companies.
•Google and other internet search engines are used to track online releases and to verify dates of release
•Data from Mobile Content companies are also used to verify releases
•Nominations gathered are subjected to short listing by members of the VGMA BOARD.
The VGMA Board compiles all entries received into the appropriate categories and provides a final nominations list which is published for public voting. It is a very tedious and painstaking exercise which requires a number of sittings to generate the final list of Nominees.
* 15 Public Voting Categories
* 12 Industry Voting Categories
* 3 Honorary Categories.
To be eligible for a VGMA 2016 the work should have been released between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2015.

The VGMA maintains the 3 tier voting system i.e. the Public, the VGMA Academy and the VGMA Board with the various percentage splits
Most Popular Song: Public: 100%
Public Voting Awards:
Public: 40%
VGMA Academy: 30%
VGMA Board: 30%
Industry Voting Categories:
VGMA Academy: 50%
VGMA Board: 50%
Honorary Awards:
VGMA Board – 100%
The following channels will be used for voting for the VGMAs 2016
Voting on mobile phone via the short code 1767 on Vodafone and all other network
A limit of 20 texts is placed on the number of votes per mobile number to level the playing field.
There will be only one VGMA Academy (Selection Committee) voting event which will be done in one location with Members drawn from across the Country.
There will be one VGMA Board Voting event
All these votes, as done every year will be supervised and tabulated by world renowned business advisory firm – KPMG and presented on the night of the event.
The 17th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards….Let the Music Play….LIVE!